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Welcome to the knowledge pool for the Danish EuroHPC competence centre. Here you will find best practices, material about HPC, HPDA and AI software and hardware, Analysis of the Danish national HPCs infrastructure, relevant resources and literature. All the material can be found in pdf form for offline consultation by clicking on the symbol on the top-right corner of this page.

This knowledge pool is meant to be available both to completely new users and advanced/expert users. If you are a new user, visit the page HPC 101 to learn the basics about High Performance Computing and get up to speed. Facilitation in accessing HPCs and dissemination activities are offered - if any is needed, feel free to contact

If you desire a specific topic or material to be covered, or need any type of assistance related with the topics of the knowledge pool, contact the HPC facilitator at

This documentation is part of the EuroHPC Competence Center in Denmark, managed by